WATSAN Portal: Kibera


WATSAN Portal:Kibera is a participatory project for water and sanitation providers to simplify the process of connecting to municipal water and sewerage infrastructure in informal settlements, such as Kibera.

The project is led by Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI,) a non-profit design firm working in Kibera since 2006. The project was awarded a small grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for the development of a web-based tool that will allow service providers in informal settlements to 1) understand the existing infrastructure coverage (i.e. potential to access municipal sewerage and water lines), 2) access simplified procedures for connecting to existing city infrastructure if feasible and 3) receive direct technical and logistical support to connect.

Spatial Collective is the main technology partner; we are supporting the platform design and building a pilot tool to test at the village scale in Kibera using largely existing data. The aspiration is that in the future the tool could be expanded to serve other information settlements in Nairobi and elsewhere. The project is scheduled to began in January 2013.