Monitoring the delivery of WASH projects

Unfinished WASH projects

Plan International is deploying a post-emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme to communities affected by last year’s drought in Tharaka, Kenya. Spatial Collective – in partnership with Medic Mobile – is working with Plan Kenya to improve their ability to respond with quality, timely support to community and other stakeholders through improved access to suggestions and feedback.

We developed and are deploying an SMS and mapping tool, based on the Ushahidi tool for crowdsourcing crisis information. The tool allows Plan staff to gather feedback and respond to suggestions and concerns from parents, teachers and students who work with Plan Tharaka to deliver the post-emergency WASH projects.

As a team, we established the framework for a monitoring and communication tool that can be adopted and scaled-up throughout Plan Tharaka and serve as a model for Plan International.