Informal businesses in Eastlands

Understanding "Chama" (group savings and loans) in Mathare

We worked with Claro Partners to investigate trends in informal businesses in Nairobi’s Eastlands. The Claro team was investigating  the re-emergence of informal enterprise in 5 major cities around the world: New York, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Barcelona.

In Nairobi the major trend Claro identified was “parallel entrepreneurship” – the phenomenon of entrepreneurs running several seemingly different businesses at the same time. Using our in-depth knowledge of the informal areas in Nairobi’s Eastlands, our team provided local knowledge and connections to business people, set up interviews and supported translation to develop a place-based understanding of micro-entrepreneurship in Eastlands.

Read more about our team’s experience with the project here and Claro’s field experience in all 5 cities here.