Introducing Spatial Collective!

Welcome to Spatial Collective! This blog is a place where you can learn about our company, our recent projects and activities and connect with our team. We want to start things off here by introducing the company Partners, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Hi! I’m Jamie and this is Primož and we’re the co-founders of Spatial Collective. The company was established in early 2012. After working together in various capacities for almost three years, we saw an opportunity to explore something new – to work within the framework of a social enterprise to bring data collection and visualization solutions to companies, communities and organizations in East Africa and around the world. With a collective 10 years of experience in surveying, digital mapping, international development and participatory learning, we have passion for the work that we do and a unique combination of management and technical skills. We like to ‘lead from behind’ and inspire passionate individuals to work with their communities. Spatial Collective was born from a desire not only to build capacity but also to build careers for talented, passionate people in communities throughout Kenya and the Global South.

Meet Simon! Simon immediately joined us at Spatial Collective. He has a desire to build a venture with an approach to bring real impact to community issues through ICT enabled data collection. Simon brings with him twenty years in community mobilization and local area development and an intimate knowledge of East African communities and their landscape. Simon was raised in the Mathare Valley and has lived and worked in his community all his life. He understands and shares in their frustrations and believes in the ability of ICT to be integrated into community systems to improve the response time to community needs.

Meet David! David joined the team in April 2012. David is the technical lead in product design and software development. David previously worked on the core platform development for award winning software, FrontlineSMS and brings to the team his skills as a software developer and technical wiz!

 The four of us work closely with a team of local field and support staff, as well as our partners and clients, to develop local solutions in Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya and beyond. We continue to build our network of staff and partners to provide  sustainable, marketable, ethical data-driven solutions.

We see a huge potential for communities to work with local government and other development stakeholders to create better business opportunities and a better future for themselves. Add our blog to your weekly essential reading list and we’ll keep you updated as we continue to bring our dream to life!